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SignatureJP01 1,196
SlidetextTabo du khang: west wall, Dharmadhītu-vãgīśvãra-mañjuśrī-maṇḍala
NotesTo the right side of the central image are four figures identifiable as two pairs of the eight Uṣṇīṣa , each seated on a lion vehicle and depicted in three-quarter view. Next in the upper row is a blue colored Akṣobhya on the elephant vehicle and beneath that the red-colored Ratnasaṃbhava on the horse vehicle. Next to the right of the two Buddha figures are the two Prajñã Mãmakī and Lokanã (Klimburg-Salter, 1999, Diagram 1).
CreatorJaroslav Poncar
Creation Date2001
Provenancewhav - Western Himalaya Archive Vienna
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