Upper part of false niche with trefoil arch with figured scenes.
Lower main scene: unidentified: Buddha sitting in abhayamudra on a podium with grass spread on the seat and frontal face decorated with three rosettes with five petals, beneath a tree with radiating branches and lanceolate leaves; at the sides, in the foreground, two standing old brahmans, three quarter to the Buddha, the one to right in gesture of conversation, the other to left in anjalimudra; above, emerging from the background, a male figure (right) and Vajrapani (left) with vajra, above Indra (right) and Brahma (left), in anjalimudra.
Lower lunette: the offer of the bowls: Buddha sitting in abhayamudra, with a bowl in the left hand, on a podium with grass spread on the seat, beneath a tree with radiating branches and lanceolate leaves; at his sides, the four lokapalas, of indian princely type, with bowls; two male figures emerge from the background, next to the Buddha.
Central lunette: a Bodhisattva (Maitreya in the Tusita heaven?) sitting in dhyanasana, in abhayamudra, with kamandalu, on a four-legged throne covered by a drap, beneath an umbrella; at his sides are four princely figures, haloed, sitting on different seats (wicher lattice stools or stools), feet on footstools, in different attitudes; at the corners, two ichthyocentaurs in anjalimudra.
Upper lunette: adoration of the turban: the turban is on a four-legged throne covered by a drap; at its sides are four figures in anjalimudra, two princely male figures and two ichthyocentaurs.
At the sides of the scenes are two multi-storey aediculae with four-sided curved sloping roof and dome, housing pairs of male devotees of different types.
In the lower semilunettes: two similar scenes showing an old brahman (the one to right with acìscetic staff) sitting on a rolled mat and two young brahmans, seemingly acting as assistents; in the upper semilunettes: devotees and ichthyocentaurs.
Architectural frame: around the central scenes is a festoon with overlapping half-opened lotuses; lunettes separated by cornices decorated with row of saw-teeth; upper part of the arch decorated by a scroll of alternating rosettes and full-blown lotuses.
Two holes for nails.

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