Buddha, haloed, in dharmacakramudra, with feet and right shoulder and arm exposed, on an open lotus with upturned petals with the busts of two small figures, probably naga, at the sides of the stem, beneath a tree with flowering crown; two flying figures hold a crown above the Buddha's head. All around other smaller figures. Closest to the Buddha, four standing figures: below two turbaned Bodhisattvas holding garlands; above: to right a haloed female figure in anjalimudra (Sri/Tyche?), followed to right by a smaller male figure in anjalimudra, to left a bearded male figure with vajra (Vajrapani?). Other seated Bodhisattvas and Buddhas are represented on four superimposed levels, in different attitudes; among them, on the third level from below, are two Buddhas in dhyanasana, with feet and hands covered, on a lotus with reverse petals, within an aedicula with corner columns, four sided curved sloping roof and dome; on the fourth level, to right is a Buddha in padmasana, beneath a tree, with right hand raised as to talk or indicate something to a male figure kneeling in anjalimudra to his proper left; to left a Bodhisattva in dhyanasana with nimbus and radiate aureole.
Upper lunette: Maitreya seated in sattvasana on a wicker lattice stool, with feet on a footstool, beneath a canopy with hanging garlands; at his sides, other standing, sitting and flying haloed male figures in different attitudes.
Base: adoration of the patra: in the centre is a patra on a coffer-type throne, at the sides of which are kneeling figures in different attitudes.
Architectural frame: below: fillet; base and lunette separated from the central field by a cornice decorated with row of saw-teeth

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