Upper part of false-niche divided in three superimposed lunettes with figured scenes.
Lower lunette: Conversion of the naga (Kalika?): in the centre is the Buddha, standing in abhayamudra; to the right the naga and the nagini, three quarter left, in anjalimudra, within a walled pond; to the left three standing figures, three quarter right: in the foreground a woman and a man in anjalimudra, on the background Vajrapani, holding a vajra. Central lunette: in the centre a Buddha in dhyanasana, with feet and hands covered, at the sides two kneeling male princely figures in anjalimudra and two ichthyocentaurs, in anjalimudra. Upper lunette: adoration of the patra: in the centre a patra on a four legged backless throne, covered by a drap; at the sides same characters as in the central lunette.
On the lower right corner a Buddha in dhyanasana, with feet and hands covered; on the opposite side a probably identical figure, of which only scarse traces are preserved.
Architectural frame: festoon dividing lower and central lunette; cornice decorated with row of saw-teeth dividing central and upper lunette; external cornice: row of saw-teeth; border decorated with two branches of opposite lanceolate leaves converging toward a top rosette; row of beed-and-reel

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