The Great Departure. Siddhartha, three quarter left, on horseback, with right hand raised, holds with left hand the reins of the horse, represented in profile, with legs held by two yaksas emerging from the ground; to right, Candaka holds a decorated umbrella over Siddhartha's head. The scene is watched by several characters: in the foreground, to left: Indra, turbaned, holding a vajra, and Brahma, haloed, in anjalimudra; above, emerging from the background: to right, slightly turned right, are a male figure, poorly preserved, and a young Vajrapani, holding a vajra; to left are three figures of Indian type, three quarter to right: a youth, with uttariya and short flat band necklace; a female figure with sleeved tunic, ornaments, crown-like coil of hair, in anjalimudra; a princely male figure, holding an attribute with raised right hand.
Architectural frame: base decorated with row of saw-teeth

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