The Birth of Siddhartha. To right: queen Maya, standing, anklet crossed, with long sleeved tunic and ornaments, grasping with the raised right hand a branch of a sala tree; the gods Indra and Brahma, haloed, stand at her side, three quarter to her: Indra holds out a cloth in order to receive the baby Siddhartha, haloed, with usnisa, coming out of the right side of Maya. The baby is also represented standing, naked, in abhayamudra, between Indra and Maya. Brahma watches the scene in anjalimudra. To left, above, is the bust of a male princely figure, emerging from the background, with left hand at mouth, in gesture of surprise and admiration, and an oboe (?), suspended in the air, symbolising the celestial music which accompanies the event.
Architectural frame: base decorated by row of saw-teeth

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