Simple false niche with figured scenes. In the nave: the Great Departure: in the centre is Siddhartha, haloed, on horseback, frontal, in abhayamudra, getting out of a city door of western type; outside the door are four standing figures: in the foreground: to right Candaka, with backs turned, holding a decorated chattra above Siddhartha's head; to left traces of a frontal figure (?); above, emerging from the foreground, two frontal figures: to right a princely male figure with attribute in the right hand, to left a Sri/Tyche with cornucopia. In the semiarch: Siddhartha quitting the Palace: in the centre is Siddhartha, haloed, getting out of the bed, on which lies Yasodhara, sleeping; at the sides, two armed female figures, of Indian type; in the corners, two sleeping female musicians. In the arch: unidentified scene, of which only the lower part is preserved.
Architectural frame: architrave decorated with row of triangles with two parallel lines; intermediate architrave decorated with row of rosettes with four lanceolate petals.
Two holes for nail

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