Simple false niche with figured scenes. In the nave: the Buddha's visit to an ascetic: in the centre is the Buddha, standing, in abhayamudra, talking to an old ascetic seated on a rolled mat at the threshold of a hut, behind which is a mango tree; to the right a mature bearded Vajrapani, with loincloth and mantle, holding a vajra; above, is the bust of a youth emerging from the background; to the right is a tree with branches spreading upwards and downwards, with lanceolate leaves. In the semiarch: in the centre is a Bodhisattva sitting in dhyanamudra on a throne covered by a drap, beneath a tree; at his sides, four male devotees in anjalimudra, with mantle (samghati?), hair with small globular knot, the inner two standing, the two in the corners kneeling. In the arch: in the lower lunette: a Buddha sitting in dhyanasana, with hands and feet covered, on a throne covered by a drap and grass; at his sides two standing figures in anjalimudra, of the same type as in the semiarch; in the upper lunette: same scene as in the lower lunette, with tree above the Buddha's head and two ichthyocentaurs in anjalimudra in the corners.
Architectural frame: plain base, moulded jambs and architrave, cornice decorated with row of acanthus leaves; frame of semiarch and arch decorated with row of saw-teeth; intermediate architrave decorated with chequered grid with alternating relief squares.
One hole for nail

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