The First Sermon. The Buddha is sitting on a podium covered by grass, in abhayamudra, beneath a mango tree; in front of the podium, to left, is a small pair of crouching deers, addorsed, at the foot of a gandharan-corinthian pillar supporting a triratna composed of trisula surmounted by a cakra. To the sides of the Buddha are several characters, all three quarter to him: in the foreground: five monks, seated on podiums similar to the Buddha's but smaller in size, in attentive attitude, and four male princely figures, three to right, one to left, standing, in anjalimudra. In the background: to the right, next to the Buddha, is a seated Vajrapani, in the guise of a mature resting Herakles, bearded, and nine further male princely figures in attitude of devotion, two of them trowing flowers from a sort of bag formed by the uttariya.
Architectural frame: base decorated with a row of saw-teeth; cornice decorated with row of alternating vertical acanthus tufts and half rosettes.
Two holes for nails.

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