Triad and other characters within aedicula with gandharan-persepolitan columns, raised segmental trapezoidal architrave with balcony at the sides, supported by brackets with leonine protomes, section of four-sided curved sloping roof and dome with aediculae with raised segmental trapezoidal architrave, four-sided curved sloping roof and dome, with perching birds, finial with flying ribbons. Figured scenes: in the centre, a haloed Buddha in dharmacakramudra, with feet, right shoulder and arm exposed, on an open lotus with reverse petals, supported by elephants; to his sides: two Bodhisattvas sitting three quarter to him on wicker lattice stools: to right: turbaned Bodhisattva in pensive attitude holding a garland in the left hand, to left Bodhisattva in European position with crossed ankles, feet on lotus-shaped footstool; on the balcony are female devotees; in the figured field of the sloping roof: two Buddhas in dhyanasana, with two kneeling devotees at the sides; in the figured field of the dome: a standing Buddha with two standing devotees at the sides; in the figured field of the aediculae at the sides: two Buddhas in dhyanimudra with feet and hands covered, on open lotuses with reverse petals. Base: below: superimposed fillets; above: row of saw-teeth and brackets of cyma reversa type; in the centre: amorini supportind wavy garland with busts of devotees in the lower hollow; two kneeling devotees in anjalimudra at the corners

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